Update to Zed Axis 12.1 released

Update to Zed Axis v12.1 has been released.  The following issues and enhancements have been made:
AXIS-574 - Vendor Part Number feature no longer looking up Item
AXIS-584 - Missing QuantityDiff when importing QBD - Inventory Adjustment
AXIS-601 - Add Price Level field to QBD transactions imports
AXIS-585 - Cost field rounding error - Importing Bills into QBD
AXIS-609 - Sales Receipt Map - error when mapping ItemGroupFullName
AXIS-589 - Edit map for InvAdjustment SiteLocation field constant misaligned
AXIS-586 -Missing TxnTaxCodeRefName for QBO (US) imports
Please download the latest trial version of Zed Axis and install that to obtain these updates.