Importing estimates into QuickBooks

You can import estimates from text files or from Excel spreadsheets directly into QuickBooks using the Zed Axis software.  Download and install the Zed Axis software on your computer
  1. Open your QuickBooks company file as Administrator and open Zed Axis
  2. Select your text file or spreadsheet which contains the estimates that you want to import.
  3. Set up the a Mapping of the columns in your estimates import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks
  4. Click Import and your estimates will be directly added to your QuickBooks company file:

For more information about importing estimates into QuickBooks, search the Knowledge Base, watch the movies in the Learning Centre, or raise a ticket with Zed Support

Sample Estimate File

import estimates into QuickBooks


QuickBooks fieldTypeDescription
 CustomerName Str 209MANDATORY FIELD - Customer Full Name as appears in QuickBooks ie ACME Inc:Project 101:Job A ,colons are used as a separators. If Axis cannot find a Customer then it will create a new customer record.
CurrencystrThe name of the currency (ie Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar) to be used if Axis needs to create a new Customer, do not map if not using multi currency more here
 ClassRef Str 159 Full class name
 TemplateRef Str 31 Refers to one of the QuickBooks templates
 TxnDate Date Date of the transaction
 EstimateRefNumber Str 11 Reference number for the estimate - MANDATORY
 BillAddress...... Str Billing address block see importing addresses
 BillNote Str 41 Note that appears at the bottom of the billing address
 Phone Str Customers phone number
 Fax Str Customers fax number
 Email Str Customer email address
 ShipAddress..... Str Shipping address block see importing addresses
 ShipNote Str 41 Note that appears at the bottom of the shipping address
 IsActive Bool Whether the estimate is active or not. (true of false)
 PONumber Str 25 Purchase Order Number
 TermsRef Str 31 Payment terms for the customer must match what is in the QuickBooks list
 DueDate Date Date the estimate is due
 SalesRep Str 5 Abbreviated Sales Rep, must match QuickBooks
 FOB Str 13 Free on board
 ItemSalesTaxRef Str 31 Sales tax used for the whole estimate
 Memo Str 4095 Memo appears on estimate not on printed form
 CustomerMsgRef Str 101 Customer message must match list in QuickBooks
 IsToBeEmailed Bool Whether item is to be emailed (true or false)
 IsTaxIncluded Bool Whether the amount included tax or not (CA, UK AU only) (true or false)
 CustomerSalesTax Str 3 Sales tax code for the customer
 ExchangeRate Float Exchange rate if using multicurrency
 ItemRef Str Full item code of the item being sold
 Description Str 4095 Description of the line item being sold
 Quantity Quan Quantity sold
 UnitOfMeasure Str 31 Unit of measure used
 Rate Price Rate or price of item sold
 LineClass Str 159 Class used at the line level (must match QuickBooks class)
 Amount Amt Amount of item sold
 InventorySiteRef Str 31 Inventory location of the item sold (must match QuickBooks list)
 SalesTaxCode Str 3 Sales tax used for the item
 MarkupRate Price Amount item marked up
 MarkupRatePercent Percent Percentage the item is marked up
PriceLevelRefFullNameStr 31Name of the Custom Price Level to be applied to the item on the estimate
CustomField 1...3 Custom fields to appear on the estimate line, you can specify up to 3 more here
ItemGroupFullName Name of the Group Item to import on the Estimate more here
ItemGroupQuantity Quantity of the Group Item
ItemGroupUOM Unit of measure of the Group Item
ItemGroupInventorySite Site of the Group Item
InventorySiteLocationRefFullName Full Name of the Bin location of the Group Item
ItemGroupCustomFields 1...3 Custom fields for the Group Item rows
Other1 Other 1 field used to record custom labels at line level
Other2 Other 2 field use to record custom labels at line level

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