How to setup a connection to eBay

In order to connect Zed Axis EDI module to the eBay you need to create a new trading partner for eBay. 

Follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the machine you are on has access to the internet and that you are connected to your MYOB or QuickBooks company file
  2. Select the Zed Axis EDI tab and click on the Trading Partner button.
  3. In the Trading Partner Address Book click on Add to create a new Trading Partner
  4. You will need to enter the following information
    1.     Trading Partner Name : This is the name that you choose to identify the eBay account in Zed Axis
    2.     Mail Protocol: Select from the drop down list eBay
    3.     eBay Type: Select from the drop downlist "Production"
  5. Once all the details are entered in click on the Authorisation button, make sure you are connected to the internet, a browser with the eBay authorisation page will open, follow the instructions and give permission for Zed Axis to access eBay
  6. The web browser should close and the eBay Authorisation token will be added to Zed Axis.
  7. In the next drop down list select the inventory item in QuickBooks that will be use to record the shipping on orders
  8. Select the item that you wish to record any discounts given against
  9. Finally select the first date that you wish to download orders for.
  10. Click save and exit the screen
  11. Back in the main EDI screen when you click on Send/Receive you should now see Axis connect to eBay and download orders into the Inbox.