Error: During the activation process Axis stalls and will not complete

Error description: While activating the Zed Axis application the process stalls and will not complete.

Cause: The Zed Axis program files folder does not have sufficient write permissions for the license files to be copied into the folder, the process will not complete until permissions are applied. This will occur on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems that have User Access Control on. Or Anti virus software is blocking the activation process.

Solution: Temporarily switch off your anti virus software or provide and exception during the activation process then to resolve this issue you have two options;

Login into Windows using the Administrator login and then attempt to activate the application.  Important the login name is "Administrator" this is not the same as a user with Administrator level permissions; or

Modify the folder permissions to allow write access

V14 Folder location

Modify the folder permissions to allow read write for all user accounts.  
  1. Click Start, click My Computer, and then locate the Axis folder where you want to set special permissions. 
  2. Right-click the folder, click Properties, and then click the Security tab. 
  3. Click Advanced, and then use the following steps: 
  4. Click the name of the Users group, and then click Edit, select the User group again and click Edit. 
  5. In the Permissions box, click to select the options to allow Full Access or at least Write access, and click OK to save the settings. 
  6. Now reattempt to activate the application.  
, click , and then locate the Axis folder where you want to set special permissions. 
Foreign Language settings - If you are using foreign language settings for you copy of Windows then you may get error with licensing please can you make sure that you change the Windows System Locale to English