Error: When connecting to QuickBooks Unauthorized Access Exception

Occurs:  When connecting to QuickBooks an Unauthorized Access Exception error occurs.  This may happen the first time you try to access QuickBooks on Vista

Cause: Zed Axis does not have sufficient read/write permissions to the following folder C:\Program Files\Zed\Axis 4.0

Solution: Modify the folder permissions C:\Program Files\Zed\Axis 4.0 to allow read write for all user accounts. 

To set, view, change, or remove special permissions for files and folders:


1.     Click Start, click My Computer, and then locate the file or folder where you want to set special permissions.


2.     Right-click the file or folder, click Properties, and then click the Security tab.


3.     Click Advanced, and then use one of the following steps:


o    To view or change special permissions for an existing group or user, click the name of the group or user, and then click Edit. .


4.     In the Permissions box, click to select or click to clear the appropriate Allow or Deny check box.


5.     In the Apply onto box, click the folders or subfolders where you want these permissions applied.


6.     To configure security so that the subfolders and files do not inherit these permissions, click to clear the Apply these permissions to objects and/or containers within this container only check box.


7.     Click OK two times, and then click OK in the Advanced Security Settings for FolderName box, where FolderName is the folder name.