QuickBooks error message: The transaction is empty.

Occurs: When trying to import a Receive Payment (customer payment) type transaction into QuickBooks.  QuickBooks returns an error: The transaction is empty

 When importing a receive payment type transaction into QuickBooks, if the Total Amount column is not mapped or blank QuickBooks thinks that the total is 0.00 and therefore empty.

Solution: Make sure that the Total Amount column is mapped and that the value in the field is the total of the payments or is not 0.00



Where should the ' Total Amount' column be mapped to

I was not sure, so I removed the ' Total Amount' column and tried importing

A few of my clients want to move back to Desktop Quickbook from QB online.

I am importing nearly 1300 invoices but I am getting the error message below

There was an error when saving a Invoice
Quickbooks error message. The transaction is empty
The Error is RefNumber: 4607 RowNumber (By Refnumber):47

Can you please assist



Umesh Gohil (9/6/2015 at 4:49 PM)
Hi Umesh, If you are importing Invoices can you please make sure that you have mapped the field for the Items that you are selling this is the field called ItemRefFullName.



Steve (11/30/2015 at 9:41 PM)
what about Zero dollars (no charge) invoices? sent as samples?
The items have cost, but we do not charge the customer, but we need to update the inventory and cogs.
What do you suggest we enter as Zero Dollar? 0.00000000001 How many decimals works with Axis?

Jin Lee (7/17/2018 at 6:03 PM)