Error: Unable to import custom rates, prices or amounts on transactions into QuickBooks

Description of error: When importing data into QuickBooks using Zed Axis the custom amount, rate or price field is mapped but the data is reverting to the default price or cost that is set up for the item.

Version of QuickBooks:  This error has been reported on QuickBooks 08/09 and 09/10, Australia, New Zealand.

Recommended workaround:  The makers of QuickBooks are aware of this.  If you are experiencing this error then the recommended workaround in QuickBooks is to change the Company Preferences > Tax > Sales Figures to show as Net rather than Gross.   Re-attempt an import and the custom prices, amounts or rates you are importing will appear on the transaction.  If you need to convert your import amounts from Gross to Net then set that import option in Zed Axis.