How to test an MYOB ODBC data source connection

The MYOB ODBC TestConnection utility checks that your MYOB ODBC Direct driver is installed correctly and that your data source (MYOB company file) is accessible.

To use the TestConnection utility:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, go to the MYOBODBCAU8\bin\iwinnt (or the latest version shown) folder on your hard disk and double-click TestConnection.exe. The MYOB ODBC TestConnection window appears.
  2. Select the DSN option and then select the appropriate name from the Driver Name list.
  3. Select the DSN you created for your MYOB company file from the MYOB Data Source Name (DSN) drop-down list and then click Test.
  4. If the connection is:
    successful, the bottom section of the MYOB ODBC TestConnection window will display details of the company file you have connected to. unsuccessful, see ‘Troubleshooting a connection’, for help checking your installation and data source setup.