Why use Axis to import into QuickBooks rather than IIF

Why you should choose Zed Axis to import transactions into QuickBooks over the IIF format? If you are wondering why here is a summary of the main reasons why you should use Zed Axis over IIF.

  1. For IIF you must have QuickBooks in single-user mode to import transactions which can be a problem if you have a multi user version of QuickBooks, with Zed Axis you can be in Single or Multi user.
  2. For IIF the file must be a text file and tab delimited, for Zed Axis you can import text file as comma separated, tab delimited, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, QBO, QIF, OFX etc.. 
  3. With IIF imports you are not able to create a link between two transactions such as an Invoice and then apply the Payment against it, with Zed Axis you can link transactions together.
  4. IIF you need to be logged in as an Administrator, with Zed Axis that is not required
  5. Since QuickBooks 2008, Canadian, UK and Australian versions you are not able to import Sales Tax fields such as GST or VAT into QuickBooks, Zed Axis supports Tax Codes and the whether the amount is inclusive or exclusive of tax
  6. If key names or items do not exist in QuickBooks the IIF import will not create them, Zed Axis automatically creates new customer, suppliers, items or accounts if they do not exist in QuickBooks
  7. IIF error reporting and validations are minimal, Zed Axis provides a full data validations and detailed error messages that can be corrected and reimported.
  8. IIF supports a limited number of transactions types, Zed Axis supports a full range of QuickBooks transactions, see here for a full list
  9. IIF supports a limited number of data fields, Zed Axis supports the full range of QuickBooks fields.
  10. Imports in IIF will fail if an error is encountered, Axis can skip the data and proceed with the import
  11. The IIF format is hard to understand and requires a lot of patience (see an example below), Zed Axis is import files are much easier to create.

Example of an IIF file (this is a simple one !!)

TRNS 53 INVOICE 7/16/1998 Accounts Receivable Customer  20 1  N N N Customer     7/16/1998  N   7/16/1998                N N
SPL 54 INVOICE 7/16/1998 Income Account   -20   N -2 10 Sales Item  N N NOTHING