How to setup to receive and send mail in Zed Axis Edi

In order to send and receive messages with trading partners you need to configure your mail settings.  Follow these steps:

  1. Before you start it is recommended that you create a new email account dedicated to sending and receiving messages from Zed Axis, for example
  2. Open Zed Axis and click on the EDI tab.
  3. Click on the Mail settings button and you will see the current mail settings.
  4. You will need to enter the following details
    1. Select the mail protocol you will be using, for standard email select POP3/Email
    2. Enter the name of your incoming mail server (ie
    3. Enter the name of your outgoing mail server (ie
    4. Enter the number of your incoming port, in most cases this will be 110
    5. Enter the number of your outgoing port, in most cases this will be 25
    6. Check whether the connection needs to be encrypted via secure socket layer (SSL)
    7. Enter the User name of your email account
    8. Enter the email address
    9. Enter the password for the email account, and check to remember that.
  5. Finally click the test connection button to check the settings, if you encounter and error verify the details you have entered or refer to you network administrator
  6. Click save and you mail settings will be set

You will now be ready to send and receive mail into Zed Axis Edi, to send mail you will need to add your trading partners email address to the address book.