Zed Axis Change Log

This is a list of all the new and improved features that have been made to Zed Axis it also includes a link to download installers for legacy releases of Zed Axis.

Current Market Release: 2024 (10-Nov-2023) (18.0)
Date Released: November 10th 2023

Added - Auto map feature
Added - Automatic Memory Management - improves reclaiming memory and reduces memory overflow errors
Added - Autonumbering when importing Journal Entries into QuickBooks Online
Added - Account filter when exporting Credit Card Charges and Credit Card Credits.
Added - Added 4 and 5 Custom fields when importing transactions into QuickBooks desktop
Added - Import Customer Notes list into QuickBooks Desktop
Added - Export Customer Notes list from QuickBooks Desktop
Added - Load search and replace terms from an Excel sheet

Improved - Extended details of error log to include last 100 rows of the qbsdklog
Improved - Add account number lookup for Cash Purchases
Improved - Added Is ManuallyClosed field to Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
Improved - Added Currency Ref field to Vendor Credit imports into QuickBooks Online
Improved - Included Attribute field when querying items from importing into QuickBooks POS
Improved - More graceful handling of Out of memory errors
Improved - Extended Create Items fields to include more detail AXIS-1203
Improved - Better memory allocation when exporting from QuickBooks POS

Last Release: 2023 (18-Oct-2023) (17.1)
Date Released: November 2nd 2022

Added - Software subscription license
Added - Filters on the mapping screen to show just mapped fields
Added - Screentips on controls
Added - Enlarged the preview screens to display more data
Added - Total Transactions Tax to sales transactions to override Automated Sales Tax
Added - Load and save Preview Grid settings to improve what data is displayed and how
Added - Memorise and reload filter selections when exporting

Improved - General improvements and memory efficiencies to improve speed and performance
Improved - Added fields for SKU, Class, Reorder when exporting Items from QBO
Improved - Added all Ship To addresses to Customer exports from QuickBooks Desktop
Improved - Extended connection status icon for QuickBooks desktop, POS and Xero connections
Improved - Added Class field to Item imports into QBO
Improved - Easier to set up Rules
Improved - Lookup Items on Description, Size and Attribute when importing into QB POS more accurate identification

Last Release: 16.1 (21-Sep-2022)
Date Released: February 24th 2022

Added - Import and export Vehicle Lists into QuickBooks Desktop
Added - Import and export Payroll Item Wage into QuickBooks Desktop
Added - Export and delete Attachments from QuickBooks Online
Added - Import and export Exchange Rate list in QuickBooks Online
Added - Export Budgets from QuickBooks Online
Added - Export Reimbursement Charges from QuickBooks Online

Improved - Connect to QuickBooks Desktop company files without QuickBooks open ie unattended mode
Improved - Simplified connection flow to QuickBooks Online 
Improved - Choose where to store the maps and settings
Improved - Installfor all users
Improved - Automate extended to work with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks POS
Improved - Monitor extended to work with IIF and Excel file formats
Improved - Command line feature can run with QuickBooks desktop closed.

Last Release: 15.1 (21-Sep-2021)
Date Released: February 11th 2021

Added - Import and export Unit of Measure into QuickBooks Desktop
Added - Import and export Class list into QuickBooks Online

Improved - Extended fields for importing Estimates into QuickBooks Desktop
Improved - Improved error reporting
Improved - Email send now field to 
Improved - Linking to Purchase Order and Sales Orders at the header level
Improved - More filters for QuickBooks Online list type exports
Improved - Allow an empty value for search and replace functions

Last Release: 14.2 (5-Nov-2020)
Date Released: November 14th 2019

Added - Save and import search and replace functions

Improved - Extended modern look and feel to mapping and import summary screens
Improved - Simplified connect to QuickBooks Online process
Improved - Save updates made in grid back to import file
Improved - Search feature in preview grid
Improved - Better process to import maps from other Axis versions
Improved - Extended Command Line feature set

Last Release: 13.2 (12-Jan-2019)
Date Released: September 12th 2018

Added – New function to join (concatenate) columns together
Added – Check for updates feature
Added – Command line feature
Added – Ability to append to QuickBooks Online transactions
Added – Import and Export Vendor Lists into QuickBooks Online
Added – Import and Export Transfer transactions for QuickBooks Online
Added – Ability to export data in a customised template
Added – Ability to lookup by UPC when importing into QuickBooks Point of Sale
Added – Ability to click view for QuickBooks Online transactions.
Improved – A new modern look and feel to the user interface
Improved – Export filters can include multiple name selections
Improved – IIF parsing
Improved – Monitor and rule features
Improved – Streamline installation process for EDI database
Last Release: 12.2.0 (9-Aug-2018)
Date Released: June 9th 2016
Added - Export Vendor Credits from QuickBooks desktop
Added - Export Credit Card Credits from QuickBooks desktop
Added - Export Inventory Adjustments from QuickBooks desktop
Added - Export Item Receipts from QuickBooks desktop
Added - Export Vehicle Mileage from QuickBooks desktop
Added - Export Reports from QuickBooks Online
Added - Export Data from QuickBooks Online to Sage HandiLedger
Improved - Support for QuickBooks Online item categories
Improved - Importing Inventory Assemblies into QuickBooks desktop
Improved - Improved Deposits to QuickBooks Online supports multi currency and tax
Improved - Importing into QuickBooks Online using Item SKU option
Release: 11.0.22907 (30-Oct-2015) Update
Date Released: July 16th 2014
Added - Append to existing transactions in QuickBooks desktop
Added - Import and export Build Assembly into QuickBooks desktop
Added - Import and export Customer and Product & Service lists into QuickBooks Online
Added - Lookup item by ALU when importing into QuickBooks POS
Added - Shopping card field for Sales Tax
Added - Import into QuickBooks POS (Sales Receipt, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders etc..)
Added - Export from QuickBooks POS
Added - Import into QuickBooks Online global editions (US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, etc..)
Added - Export from QuickBooks Online global editions (US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, etc..)
Added - Import Bank Transfers into QuickBooks desktop
Added - Export Bank Transfers from QuickBooks desktop
Improved - Select rows to import or delete
Improved - Import progress screen layout
Improved - Save error reports and rejected data
Improved - Filter import summary screen
Improved - Save and recall settings along with maps
Improved - Custom fields on exported transactions
Improved - Faster loading export module
Improved - Support for opening Excel Macro files


Release: 10.2 Build 21406
Date Released: 5th September 2013

Added - Serial & Lot Numbers
Added - Inventory Site Location fields
Added - Line Group fields for Estimate, Sales Order and Sales Receipts
Added - Barcode fields
Added - Transaction linking invoices to sales orders, and purchase orders to bills
Added - eCom fields on bills and checks
Added - Extended fields for QuickBooks Online
Added - Connect to Xero and import customer invoices, supplier invoices, spend money, receive money, journals, contacts and items
Added - Bank Statement match to QuickBooks transactions
Improved - Create Account if not found for Credit Card Charge, Bill and Check
Improved - Create Item is not found for Estimates, Sales Order, PO and Bill
Improved - Preview data in mapping
Improved - Speed improvements, quicker imports and list updates
Improved - Bank statement preview screens, interactive grids

Release: 9.0 Build 23505 
Date Released: 26th April 2012

Added - Connect to QuickBooks Online
Added - Connect to QuickBooks Simple Start
Added - Import Statement charges
Added - Import Vehicle Mileage
Added - Select row to start import from
Added - Refresh preview panel
Added - CSV file format with quotes
Added - Inventory Site field to purchases orders, bill, check, vendor credit and credit card charge
Added - Click to view imported transactions
Added - Undo imports feature
Added - Delete transactions from QuickBooks
Added - Export Estimates from QuickBooks
Added - Export Deposits from QuickBooks
Added - Export Irem Assembly lists
Improved - Import Summary screen for more indepth progress resporting

Release Version: 8.0
Date Released: 27th October 2011
End of Support

Added - Search & replace function
Added - Web Cart fields
Added - Import custom fields
Added - Manufacturers Part Number lookup item code
Added - Import bank statements into MYOB
Added - Export custom fields for lists
Added - EDI module connects to X-Cart and Zen Cart

Release Version 7.0
Date Released: 28th April 2011

Added - Statement import feature

Added - Import customer lists
Added - Import vendor lists
Added - Import employee lists
Added - Import item lists
Added - Import inventory transfer transactions
Added - Support for Inventory Site
Added - Import and export mappings
Added - Import IIF format files
Added - Export Transfer inventory type transactions
Added - Option to import sales order and invoices into QuickBooks from eBay
Updated - Maximise screen larger preview grids on import page

Release Version: 6.0
Date Released: 22nd November 2010

Added - Mapping option for XML files
Added - Button to view the latest log
Added - Apply cusomer/vendor payments to bills and invoices
Added - Group items mapping for invoice imports
Updated - Improved messaging during import process
Added - Create employees if not found
Added - Export Sales Orders
Added - Export Purchase Orders
Added - Export Customer list
Added - Export Vendor list
Added - Export Employee list
Added - Export Other name list
Added - Export Inventory item list
Added - Export filter by name
Updated - Easier to select export formats
Updated - Improved user interface for EDI module

#810 - Permission issues during install
#966 - On mapping for Invoice IsFinanceCharge field gives error
#981 - Updates to meet eBay Certification
#976 - Unhandled Exception if import fails because new Customer fails
#985 - Price Level import rounding custom prices to 2 dp
#982 - Error if import file name contains a period
#989 - Importing Invoice and setting TxnID not getting set on the invoice
#997 - Journal Entry export - column layout and format for Debit and Credit Lines
#998 - Unable to connect to MYOB DSN on Windows 7 64bit
#999 - CSV file opens but in preview data with characters is missing
#991 - Export Sales Order with 300+ rows gives error
#993 - "Only since last export" filter not working for Sales Order and Purchase Order exports
#995 - Axis not creating customer if more than one level 

Release Version: 5.0 Installer 

Date Released: 1st May 2010

Added: Axis 64 bit version
Added: Retain import settings
Added: Option to check if transactions already exists
Added: Auto numbering
Added: Update address and contact details
Added: indepth help with mappings
Added: Import data from an qbXML file
Added: Retain export settings
Added: Export data in qbXML format
Added: Import orders from Ebay
Added: Import orders from OSCommerce Web store
Added: Intergrated Shipping Manager for Allied Express
Fix #749 - Activiatoin on Vista hangs
Fix #750 - Creating items goes to 5 levels
Fix #805 - Error on export filter only siince last export
Fix #806 - On preview screen if no mapping selected gets stuck in loop
Fix #809 - Mail config settings would not allow numericals in email address
Fix #818 - MYOB application path allows *.exe format
Fix #872 - Negative % discounts converted to positive %
Fix #844 - Rate only rounds to 2 decimal places this should be 5 decimial places
Fix #898 - Bill and Invoice mappings missing TxnID field

Release Version: 4.3 Build 38365

Date Released: 9th February 2010

Added: Export Journal Entries from QuickBooks
Added: Export Time Entries from QuickBooks
Added: Export Price Level lists from QuickBooks
Added: Update Price Level lists in QuickBooks
Fix #713 - Bill export - exported data is missing for "ExpSalesTaxFullName"
Fix #724 - Fix broken links
Fix #725 - Detect MYOB version and set DSN parameters
Fix #731 - MYOB create item getting error "Insufficient quanity"
Fix #730 - MYOB Create Item if missing, the description not added
Fix #735 - On Credit Card Charge import Vendor not created if not found
Fix #749 - When activating on Vista process hangs
Fix #750 - Unable to create an item that has 5 levels
Fix #771 - Added cancel button to import and export dialogue boxes
Fix #773 - Fix for permission errors on Vista and Windows 7 access to Sample files and Log folder
Fix #775 - Broken link "Download MySQL Server"

Release Version: 4.0 Build

Date Released: 23rd September 2009

Added: Map a QuickBooks field to a constant value
Added: Ability to set the default accounts and setting for creating a new item if not found.
Added: Importing a bill or cheque and account of supplier is not found then create new expense account of supplier
Added: Import an Inventory Adjustment type transaction into QuickBooks
Added: Import a purchase order type transaction into QuickBooks
Added: Export invoices from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export sales receipts from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export credit memo/adjustment notes from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export receive payments from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export bills from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export bill payment - cheque from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export bill payment - credit card from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export check from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export credit card charges from QuickBooks to a text file or spreadsheet
Added: Export filter for invoices or bills with a paid status of "Paid Only" or "Not Paid Only"
Added: Connect to an MYOB file
Added: Import a quote into MYOB
Added: Import a order into MYOB
Added: Import an invoice into MYOB
Added: Message Monitoring Service, monitor a folder for new files and copy to messages into Inbox
Added: Message Rule Service, set up a rule to automatically import a file into QuickBooks if it meets your preconfigure conditions
Added: Convert Gross amounts to Net prior to import into QuickBooks (designed to fix QuickBooks issue with not recognising IsTaxIncluded field)
Added: Errors are saved to a text file and rows which contained the error are retained so imports can be reattempted

Fix #600 - Importing a bill where quantities are decimals gives an error
Fix #599 - Importing TxnDate is converting date to a numeric value
Fix #621 - If spreadsheet contains multiple empty rows at end of data Axis tries to import them
Fix #623 - Unable to open csv if file extension is ".txt"
Fix #624 - Help button missing help files
Fix #625 - For Time Entries if a decimal point is used as a separator between hours and minutes
Fix #634 - "Line.ClassRef" missing from mapping in Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Receipt, Estimate
Fix #635 - MYOB ODBC Drivers supported should be MYOAU0801 & MYOAU0901

Release Version : 3.0 Build
Date Released: 20th May 2009

Modified: Sales Tax Code field
EDI module
Modified: Date formating to account for local culture (#

Release Version :  Build 2.1
Date Released: February 6th 2009

Added: Invoice import
Added: Sales Receipt import
Added: Estimate import
Added: Sales order import
Added: Receive payment
Added: Bill import
Added: Check import
Added: Credit Card Payment import
Added: Vendor Credit import
Added: Time Entry import
Added: Product Activation

Release Version : 1.0 Beta only
Date Released: December 2008

Added: Journal Entry import