How to send Sales Orders to a trading partner

To send a Sales Order from your accouting system to a trading partner follow these steps:


  1. Make sure you are connected to your accounting application
  2. In Zed Axis select the Export tab
  3. From the Data type drop down list select Sales Order
  4. You now need to select the Sales Orders you want to send, use either the date range filters or reference number range filter to get those files from your accounting application, click on the Get button to retrieve the data.
  5. You will see the retrieved transactions in the results panel
  6. Next you need to select how you would like to export the sales orders, from the Export format drop down list select the EDI output item and click OK
  7. The Sales Orders will now be attached to an email, using the To button select the trading partner you are sending to and click Send.
  8. The email with the attached Sales Orders will now be sent to the trading partner.