How to migrate attachments from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online


After migrating from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online many users have found that the attachments that they made to Names such as Customer, Vendor, Item etc  and to transactions such as Invoices, Bills, Credit Card Charges have been lost after upgrading.  Unfortunately the Desktop to Online migration does not include all data and settings and attachments is one item that is not included.  

Fortunately Zed Axis is able to complete this migration for you, for many years we have supported importing attachments into QuickBooks Online and now after we received many requests from our customers we have added support for exporting out the attachment data from QuickBooks Desktop to make the migration process possible.

Follow these steps to export the Attachment data out of QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Use Zed Axis connect to the QuickBooks desktop company file that you want to export the attachments from
  2. Select the Export tab and then the export data type as AttachmentList
  3. Choose the filters for a data range or Transaction or List types
  4. Click Get and Axis will collate all the respective attachment data and display it in the preview window
  5. Finally select the data format you would like to save the data as and click Export Data, the data can be saved and used to import the attachment data into QuickBooks Online following these steps.