How to connect to Zoho Billing to QuickBooks Online using an Axe


Using Axis online you can connect your Zoho billing account so it automatically imports invoices into QuickBooks Online. 

Follow these steps to Create an Axe between Zoho Billing and QuickBooks Online

Step One - Select the option to connect to Zoho

  1. The first time you will be prompted to create a workflow Automation in Zoho 
  2. Click the link in the screen which will open Zoho and the option to create a new Webhook
  3. Give the Webhook a name and select the module as Sales > Invoice
  4. Select the Predefined Event as a Invoice Created
  5. In the Action section paste the URL you were provided by Axis
  6. Click Save to save the Webhook

Step Two - Select the option When a invoice event occurs then create an invoices in QuickBooks Online

Step Three - Map the QuickBooks Online fields to the fields on the invoice in Zoho

Step Four - Test an import from Zoho to make sure that the fields are correctly assigned in QuickBooks

Once this has been set then the Axe will be listening to the Zoho Billing Automation event when an invoice is created it till automatically create a