How to refresh your Zed Axis license


If you get an unexpected expiry message, or when clicking on a tab and you get a message that your license does not include that module despite what you purchased, or the days use left does not match what appear in the My Portal license page. 

Follow these steps to refresh the license

  1. Open Zed Axis and if you are able to open then click on the About tab 
  2. Click the Deactivate button, you will then get a message confirming that the license has been deactivated and Axis will close.
  3. Reboot your PC 
  4. Start Zed Axis and when you see the Trial expired message enter your license key serial number and the password you used when you first activate Axis
  5. Axis will activate and the correct modules should be accessible, and you should see the correct number of days remaining.


  • If you have forgotten your license key password, follow these instructions to reset it
  • If you have used all your activations, then follow these instructions to reset the license count in the My Licenses Portal

If the license still shows as expired or not giving you access to your modules please follow the steps below.

Follow these steps to delete the license files so you can Activate again

  1. Close Zed Axis
  2. Using File explorer browse to this folder C:\ProgramData  of you do not see that folder (on many systems it is a Hidden folder) then type C:\ProgramData it into the address box and press Enter
  3. Open the folder C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis 2023 as shown below
  4. Delete the files called lp.key and lp.lic
  5. Reboot your PC 
  6. Open Zed Axis and you should now see a message saying the Trial has Expired you can then click the Activate Online using your license key and password