How to export transaction and list data from QuickBooks Online using Axis Online


Using Axis Online you can export transactions data from QuickBooks Online and save it to a file.

Steps to export transactions or lists

Follow these steps to configure an Export Axe

  1. Select the Axes menu and then the Export tab.
  2. Click on the Create button to start the process to create your first Export Axe
  3. Enter the name of the Export Axe
  4. Step One: Then select the transaction or list type you would like to export and click Next.  The following types of transaction are supported.
    1. Invoice
    2. Purchase
    3. Customer
  5. Step Two: What to query for?  In this section you can select the Filters to apply to the export to retrieve just the transaction and list you need.  For example you can select a range of Doc Numbers, a range of Dates and a Name filter.  These are all added to the Select Query builder.  Once you have configured the Query you can Verify it and then run the query.
  6. Step 3 Review results and format. The results of the Query are show in the panel and the format to save the result can be selected as Excel or Text file
  7. Step 4 Scheduling and Delivery. In this step you can select the way the exported data is  and delivered.  You can select the option to download the file or email it.

Once the Export Axe has been saved you will be able to run the Axe to repeat the process from the Axies list.

Demonstration of exporting