How to convert data from MYOB to QuickBooks - Step 3 - Lists

Tax Code List

The mapping of the Tax Code lists is really down to your own preference and is something that requires careful consideration there are many differences to the codes used by MYOB to the codes used by QuickBooks.  Retaining the MYOB tax coding makes the transfer easier but can often lead to confusion later.  For that reason we recommend that you follow the default QuickBooks tax coding.  If in doubt please refer to professional advice.


Zed Partner Suggestion: During my work with Axis Importer I figured if you coded the COA Expense accounts first, the bills and cheques will come across with a Tax Code and Tax Amount. You need to add in a Tax Code & Amount column in excel prior to importing Bills and Cheques. Final step is to search the transaction listing for those transactions which differ from the default tax Code assigned to the COA and edit the transaction to reflect the actual tax code and amount because if Telephone Expenses is coded NCG - all transactions would come across with NCG and 10% GST.


Sales & Income transactions









Expense transactions

Once you have set up the Expense and Cost of Goods Accounts with a default tax code then the Zed Axis Importer will default to that Tax Code and removes the need to import the tax code with the transaction line.  However transactions that do not follow the default need to be noted and manually adjusted once the transaction has been imported.

Customer List

MYOB and QuickBooks differ in the way they handle jobs.  MYOB jobs are kept in a separate list, whilst QuickBooks has a parent:child type structure.  For example;


Jones (Parent)

            Jones: Audit (Parent:child)

            Jones: Tax prep


You will need to do some modification in Excel if you want to retain the transaction to the particular Job and not pooled to the customer.






Job or Customer Name

Co./Last Name

Opening Balance


Opening Balance as Of


Company Name

Co./Last Name



First Name

First Name

Middle Initial


Last Name



Contact name


Phone #1



Alternate Phone

Phone #2

Alternate Contact




Billing Address 1

Addr 1 – Line 1

Billing Address 2

Addr 1 City

Billing Address 3

Addr 1 State

Billing Address 4

Addr 1 Post Code

Billing Address 5

Addr 1 Country

Shipping Address 1

Addr 2 Line 1

Shipping Address 2

Addr 2 City

Shipping Address 3

Addr 2 State

Shipping Address 4

Addr 2 Post Code

Shipping Address 5

Addr 2 Country

Customer Type




Sales Rep


Tax Code

Tax Code

Business Number


Price Level

Price Level

Account Number

Card ID

Credit Limit

Credit Limit

Preferred Payment Method

Payment Method

Credit Card No.

Card Number

Credit Card Expiration Month

Expiry Date

Credit Card Expiration Year

Expiry Date

Name on card


Credit card Address


Credit card post code


Job Status


Job Start Date


Job Projected Date