Import customer contact details into QuickBooks desktop


In QuickBooks Desktop when creating or editting a Customer you have a number of Contact details fields you can use to store a variety of different contact details such as Main Phone, Work Phone, Main Email which are more commonly used ones and then you have a number of less used contact details types like CC Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, URL 1, Skype ID, and Other.

If you are importing customer data into QuickBooks desktop and only need to update the fields like Main Email, Main Phone etc.. then you will be able to use the List Import feature that is available in QuickBooks or using the IIF import feature but if you are looking to batch import Customer Contact details such as CC Email, LinkedIn, Skype ID etc then you can use Zed Axis to do that.

Steps to Import Customer Contact details into QuickBooks Desktop

Follow these steps

  1. Connect Zed Axis to your QuickBooks Desktop company file
  2. Click the Import tab and then Browse to the file that contains the Customer contact details
  3. Create a new Customer import map, as a minimum you will need to map the following fields
    1. Name = Customers name
    2. Contact Name = The label used for the contact details field ie Home Phone, CC Email, Facebook, Skype ID etc you can see the complete list of labels you can use in the image above,  (this can also be set as a constant if you do not have that in your import file
    3. Contact Value = The value for the contact detail field ie the phone number or cc email address 
  4. Save the mapping and click import to begin import the data in batch into QuickBooks