How to import timesheets into QuickBooks Online using Axis Online


You can upload in batch timesheets data from Excel, text or IIF files into QuickBooks Online using Axis Online.  In QuickBooks Onilne timesheets are usined to record time worked by employees of vendors that is then used as billable time or in payroll.

Steps to import timesheets

  1. Click on the Create button to start a new Axe and enter the name of the Axe
  2. Step One – Select File Upload and browse to the file that contains the timesheets that you want to upload into QuickBooks Online
  3. Step Two – Select the Event as a File upload and when that occurs create a timesheet, and then next
  4. Step Three – Mapping the fields on an timesheet to the columns in your uploaded file
  5. Step Four – Lets test it and save it

Demonstration of how to import timesheets

Detailed description of the fields

QuickBooks Online FieldFormatDescription
IdStr 21Identifier for the Time Activity required for Modify
Txn DateDateThe date of the time activity
Name OfEnumMANDATORY Values of Vendor or Employee
Employee Vendor Ref NameStrMANDATORY - Name of the employee or vendor recording time activity, displayed as First Name Last Name
Customer Ref NameStrFull Customer Job name for the time entry (required if Billable Status = Billable)
Department Ref Name Name of the department
Payroll Item RefStrPayroll item for the time entry, determines how the employee will be paid (must match what is in QuickBooks Online) ie Regular Pay or Overtime Pay
Item Ref Name StrService Item name for the time entry
Class Ref Name Class reference
Billable StatusEnumBillable status - Billable or NotBillable
TaxableBooleanTrue if the time entry is billable and taxable
Hourly RateDecimalHourly bill rate for this time activity (required if Billable Status = Billable)
Durationhh:mmMANDATORY Duration of the time entry, in format of hh:mm
Break Durationhh:mmBreak duration for time entry in format hh:mm
Start TimeDate TimeTime work started format as yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss
End TimeDateTimeTime work ended format as yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss
DescriptionStrDescription of work completed