How to import payments into QuickBooks Online using Axis Online


QuickBooks Online uses payment transactions to record money received from customers that are applied to specific invoices, credits memos. You can import payments either as:
  • Payments applied to an invoice - to apply a payment to an invoice in QuickBooks Online then make sure that you have mapped the fields Apply to Invoice Ref and Line Payment Amount and check that that the invoice that you are paying exists and has an outstanding balance.
  • Payment as a credit - if you want the payment to be imported as a credit to the customer accounts then make sure that you map the field Total Amount and leave the fields for Apply To Invoice Ref and Line Payments fields unmapped.

Steps to import payments

  1. Click on the Create button to start a new Axe and enter the name of the Axe
  2. Step One – Select File Upload and browse to the file that contains the payments that you want to upload into QuickBooks Online
  3. Step Two – Select the Event as a File upload and when that occurs create an payment, and then next
  4. Step Three – Mapping the fields on an payment to the columns in your uploaded file
  5. Step Four – Lets test it and save it

Demonstration on how to upload payments

Detailed description of the fields you can import

QuickBooks Online FieldFormatDescription
Doc NumberStr 21MANDATORY FIELD - Reference number, duplicate DocNumbers are accepted in QuickBooks, see also Auto Numbering
Txn DatedateThe date of the payment, If you leave TxnDate out the mapping, the current date in QuickBooks Online will be used.
Private NoteStr 4000User entered, organization-private note about the transaction. This note will not appear on the transaction records by default.
Txn StatusEnumStatus of the payment - PAID
Customer RefStrFull name of the customer or job
AR Account RefStrReference to the Accounts Receivable account
Deposit To Account RefStrOptional asset account the funds are deposited into Default value: Undeposited Funds account
Payment Method RefStrThe payment method used
Payment Ref NumStrThe reference number for the payment received ie Check #
Credit Card  
Total AmountDecimalTotal amount of the payment
Process Payment  
Currency RefStrReference to the currency payment is made in (Only UK, CA, AU) more here
Exchange RateDecimalThe Currency exchange rate, (Only UK, CA, AU) more here
Apply To Invoice RefStrThe transaction reference number that the payment is being applied to
Line Payment Amount The line amount of the payment being applied to the Bill
Unapplied AmtDecimalRead only