How to import sales receipts into QuickBooks Online using Axis Online


Follow these steps to import sales receipts in batch into QuickBooks Online US Edition using the Axis Online product

Follow these steps

  1. Click on the Create button to start a new Axe and enter the name of the Axe
  2. Step One – Select File Upload and browse to the file that contains the sales receipts that you want to upload into QuickBooks Online
  3. Step Two – Select the Event as a File upload and when that occurs create an sales receipts, and then next
  4. Step Three – Mapping the fields on a sales receipt to the columns in your uploaded file
              Hints for mapping
              You will need to map at a minimum the Mandatory fields that are highlighted with an Exclamation icon
If you do not have the data to map then you can use a Constant value as shown in the mapping or use a function to translate or transform your data
You also have the option to select the option to use Auto-numbering and whether to Skip or Overwrite if the transaction already exists.
Select the option to set the Item settings in case you need Axis to create Items that are not already matched.
Once you have finished click the Save mapping and then Next
Step 4 – Lets test it and save it -