How to import Customer Notes into QuickBooks Desktop


With Zed Axis you can import Additional Notes on a Customer and Customer Job record in QuickBooks desktop.  The notes can be in text or Excel format

Steps to import bills

Follow these steps to import Customer Additional Notes into QuickBooks desktop in batch:
  1. Download and install the Zed Axis software on your computer
  2. Open your QuickBooks company file as Administrator and open Zed Axis
  3. Select your text file or spreadsheet which contains the Customer Additional Notes that you want to import.
  4. Set up the a Mapping of the columns in your Additional Notes import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks, as shown below.
  5. Click Import and your Notes will be directly added to your QuickBooks company file.

Detailed description of the fields you can map.

QuickBooks field Type Description 
Customer Full Name Str 159 Full Name o the Customer can included a Job like Handy Builders:J0b 101, MANDATORY
Additional Notes Str 4095 Notes that appear on a Customer record under the Notes tab