How to configure your security policy settings and antivirus to not conflict with Zed Axis


In order to function Zed Axis stores your maps and setting and license details in a number of files and folders located on the local C: drive.  Most of these are created when you run the setup program and will be fully accessible under the default windows user profiles.  However some companies IT security policies may restrict access to applications or locations on the local PC or shared company server as a way of reducing the impact or software viruses and malware.

Files and Folders Zed Axis uses

Here are some of the files and folders that Axis uses (Using the Windows User Account) and needs to have Full Access to in order to read/write/modify and delete:
  • Maps and settings - C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis
  • Application settings - Windows registry
  • License files - C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis 2024  (substitute the version number you have)
  • LOG files - C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis 2024\LOG (substitute the version number you have) 
If there is any restriction either due to
  1. File or folder permissions, 
  2. Local Security Policy
  3. Group Security Policy
 Then you may see error messages like Axis does not have permission to access that folder or file.

How to update folder permissions

  1. Open the Windows File Explorer app
  2. In the address box type in the path C:\ProgramData\Zed (you can use copy and paste too) and press the Enter key
  3. You should see the contents of that folder and contained in there is a folder called Axis
  4. Right click on the Axis folder and select the menu option for Properties
  5. In the folder properties window select the Security tab
  6. In the list of Groups or user names select the Users group and click the Edit button
  7. Select the Users group again and then click the check box to Allow Full control and then click Apply, and  OK
  8. Finally reboot the PC and restart Zed Axis

How to update your antivirus

Your local security policy and antivirus software is an important part of reducing the possibility of viruses or malicious application affecting your PC, so you would appreciate it is not something that Zed Support should change, so we rely on your to make the necessary adjustments so that Axis can operate.  After any changes to the folder permissions typically it requires a reboot for the permissions to apply.

  1. When installing Zed Axis alway use the provided setup file do not try to copy and paste and old installation to a new PC.  More here on installing
  2. Configure your antivirus.
  3. Check the folder and files permissions for the folder and file locations mentioned above.
  4. Check that your Local Security Policy or Group Security Policy is configured so that that the Windows USER account has Full Access to the folders mentioned above

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