How to import from an MS Access database

New in the Axis 2023 release is the ability to import transaction or list data from a Microsoft Access database directly.  In order to connect you will need to have the Microsoft Runtime Engine installed you can download that from here.

Follow these steps to open the database file:

  1. Once you are connected to your QuickBooks company file
  2. Click on the Import module and then the Browse button and select the database file with the extension mdb or accdt.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter a Login name and password if the database is password protected and whether you want to Save those details for the next time you connect to the database. 
  4. Click on the Connect button and Axis will open the database and you can then select the table in the database that you want to read the data from.
  5. Finally click OK and the data will be read from the table and will be loaded into Axis.