What file upload format works best

You can upload the followig file formats 

File FormatExtensionsDescription
Microsoft Excelxls, xlsxMicrosoft Excel 97-2003, 2007, 2010
Text filescsv, txt and pipeComma seperated values, tab and pipe delimited text files
Intuit Interchange FilesIIFLegacy Intuit Interchange File format files (even those which wont import into QuickBooks due to errors).
PDFpdfAdobe Portable Document Format files
Image basedjpg, pngImage based formats 

File structures for Excel and Text files

Axis is very flexible and allows mapping fields from any text file to QuickBooks fields, the file must follow some basic rules: 

  • The file must be a flat file (text or Excel), with repeating data from common rows. This means that if you have an invoice file, certain fields like the customer name and invoice number should repeat over and over again for the same transaction. See the example below.

This file has two transactions (1005, 1006) where transaction 1006 has two line items and 1005 has one line item. Note that the customer name repeats along with the matching order number and only the item, quantity, and price changes. It doesnt matter how many fields are in the import file, or whether or not the file has column headers for each field, as Axis allows you to select just the fields you want to use for mapping to QuickBooks. In this example the file has field headers (Order Number, Customer, etc) but if the file doesnt contain field headers, Axis would display default field headers as Field1, Field2, Field3, etc. 2. The file must be a text file, delimited with either comma, tab, or pipe. A delimiter shows when one field starts and ends. 

  • The file should also have a CRLF (carriage return line feed, or ENTER key) at the end of each line. This indicates that the row (record) is ending.  

Axis includes a sample file for each transaction type so you can try importing each of them into QuickBooks. If you have a question whether or not your file with work with Axis, raise a ticket and send it to support and we will be happy to review it for you at no charge.