Import budgets into QuickBooks Online

Note:  At the moment there is a bug in the QuickBooks Online Budget Endpoint that no line details for budgets can be imported (AXIS-1092)  we have requested this to be fixed.


In QuickBooks Online you can create budgets which users can assign amounts to general ledger accounts either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to provide targets for business to work towards.  Zed Axis has the ability to import budgets into QuickBooks Online from text or Excel files.\

Steps to import budgets into QuickBooks Online

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to the QuickBooks Online company you want to import into.
  2. Click on the Import tab and then browse to the Excel or text file that contains the budget details
  3. In the mapping section select the option to create a new mapping and then using the drop down list selections map the column in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Online.
  4. Click the import button and Axis will import the budget details into QuickBooks Online

More help?

Download a budget template: Budget.txt

Where the fields appear in QuickBooks Online

Detailed description of the fields you can import

Here are the fields that you can map when importing into QuickBooks
QuickBooks Online FieldFormatDescription
Budget Entry TypeStr 21Period for which the budget is covered (values Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
Start DateDateBudget start date
End DateDateBudget end date
Budget NameStrName of the budget
ActiveBoolWhether the budget is active or not
Budget TypeEnumBudget type (value ProfitAndLoss)
Class RefStrClass name assocatied with the budget
Department RefStrDepartment name
AmountDecAmount assigned to the budget detail
Account RefStrAccount name associated to the budget line detail
Customer RefStrReference to the customer associated with the budget line detail
Budget DateDateDate of the individual budget detail line