How to import Bundle Items on transactions into QuickBooks Online


If you are a business that sells products or services in groups and packages them together like Decorating Kits, Hampers or Vacation packages then QuickBooks Online has the great feature that you can create a "Bundle" of these items or services together.  If you are using the QuickBooks Online Plus version  and you are importing your sales data in and need to include Bundles items in the import then this article describes how you can do that.

Import Bundles on transactions

Starting in Zed Axis V15 you now have the ability to include Bundle items as well as Inventory, Non-inventory and Service items when importing on Sales Receipts, Invoices, Estimates, and Credit Memos into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis.

Items to consider with Bundle items
  • Can include up to 50 products and items
  • You cannot use categories with Bundles
  • Bundles item cannot be included in another Bundle item.
  • You can only set the Quantity for the Bundle item it is not possible to override the Price, Amount or the items that make up the bundle.

When importing Bundle Items then include them in the same column as your items and map them to the Item Ref Full Name field, Axis will automatically recognise that the item is a Bundle type and will include the individual items and services that make up the Bundle on the invoice, sales receipt, estimate or credit memo.