Import timesheets into Xero


In Xero you can use timesheets to track hours worked by employees that can be used to determine payroll.  With Zed Axis you can import timesheets in batch into Xero.

Items to consider before import timesheets into Xero

  • You can only add time to timesheets in Xero that are not already Processed, if you try to add time to timesheets that have already been Processed you will get an error message
  • You can import timesheets into the Xero Payroll version for Australia, New Zealand or United Kingdom.

More help?

Steps to import timesheets into Xero

Follow these steps
  1. Download and install Zed Axis on your computer
  2. Open Zed Axis and then connect to Xero company file
  3. Click on the Import tab and browse to the file that contains the time entries.
  4. Set up a mapping between the columns in your file and the corresponding fields in Xero
  5. Click Import and the timesheet data will be directly added to Xero

Where the fields appear in Xero

Detailed description of the fields

Employee NameStrMANDATORY FIELD - Employee name as it appears Xero
DateDateMANDATORY FIELD - The date of the time entry.
Status code for the timesheet either DRAFT, PROCESSED or APPROVED
Total Hours
The number of hours in the format hh:mm or decimal hours ie 3:45 would be three hours and fourty five minutes, as 3.75 is the decimal equivalent of 3 hours and fourty five
Employee Rate
The Earnings rate for the employee, for example, Regular Pay or Overtime Pay
Tracking Item
 The tracking category to be allocated to the timesheet line