Import Chart of Account lists into QuickBooks desktop

Overview of importing Accounts into QuickBooks Desktop

With Zed Axis you can import a Chart of Accounts list into QuickBooks desktop from text, Excel or IIF files.  You can do this from directly inside QuickBooks but the advantages of using Zed Axis are:

  • You can modify existing accounts
  • You can update a wider range of fields

Steps to import Accounts into QuickBooks Desktop

To import follow these steps:

  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to the QuickBooks company file that you want to import into
  2. In the import module click Browse and open the Excel, Text or IIF file that you would like to import into QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Next create a map between select the transaction type as Chart of Account and create a map between the fields in QuickBooks and the columns in your import file
  4. Finally click the Import button and Axis will import the Chart of Account list directly into your QuickBooks desktop company file

More help?

Download  a sample Chart of Account import template

Where the fields appear in QuickBooks desktop


Detailed description of the Chart of Account list fields

QuickBooks fieldFormatDescription
NameStr 31Mandatory. The Full Name of the chart of account, (ie including the parent)
Is ActiveBoolWhether the account is enabled of not values true of false
Parent Full NameStrFull name of the Parent can contain colons (do not map if you have set the full name for the Name field)
Account TypeEnumThe type of QuickBooks account, values AccountsPayable, AccountsReceivable, Bank, CostOfGoodsSold, CreditCard, Equity, Expense, FixedAsset, Income, LongTermLiability, NonPosting, OtherAsset, OtherCurrentAsset, OtherCurrentLiability, OtherExpense, OtherIncome
Bank NumberStr 25The bank account number or an identifying note about the account. If a BankNumber exists in a QuickBooks company file, it will only be returned to applications that have been granted permission to access sensitive data
DescStr 200A description for the account
Open BalanceAmtThe value of this account as of the Open Balance Date
Sales Tax CodeEnumWhether the Account is Taxable or Non-taxable (values NON or TAX)
Tax Line IDIntThe Tax Line associated with this account
Currency Ref Full NameEnumThe currency to be used for this account ie US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, etc...

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