How to import Other Names into QuickBooks

Follow these steps to import Other Name lists into QuickBooks desktop.

  1. With your QuickBooks company file open, open Zed Axis and connect to your company file
  2. Browse to the Excel or Text file that contains the Other Name lists you want to import into QuickBooks
  3. Create a map between the columns in your import file and the fields in QuickBooks
  4. Click the Import button and the Other Names will be imported by Zed Axis directly into your QuickBooks company file
import other names into QuickBooks

QuickBooks field NameTypeDescription
NameStr 41Other Name 
Is ActiveBoolWhether the list item is Active or Inactive
Company NameStr 41Company name 
SalutationStr 15Salutation ie Mr Mrs, Dr etc..
First NameStr 25First Name 
Middle NameStr 5Middle initial
Last NameStr 25Last Name
Other Name Address ...
More on importing Addresses here
Phone Str 21Telephone number
Alt PhoneStr 21Alternate phone number
FaxStr 21Fax number
EmailStr 1023Email address
ContactStr 41Contact name
Alt ContactStr 41Alternate contact name
Account NumberStr 99Account Number
NotesStr 4095Notes