How to configure Antivirus software to work with Zed Axis

Occurs: Axis may either significantly slow down or stop importing or exporting.  You may see error message like "Axis is unable to access a file or location or the Axis may stop responding or pause at certain points during the import process.

Cause: Antivirus software running on your local PC incorrectly declares Zed Axis as a malicious threat, and quarantines Zed Axis or locks access to files or folders that Axis needs to import data into QuickBooks.

Resolution: Firstly we recommend that you contact the person responsible in your organisation for managing the antivirus software and make them aware that this may be occurring and impacting the ongoing use of Zed Axis.  They will be able to assess according to your security policy what actions need to be taken to allow Axis to fully function. As you would appreciate we are not able to update or change your local security policies, however Axis is regularly assessed by independent third party security professional assessments and any vulnerabilities are quickly addressed.

As a guide you may need to configure the following aspects of you local antivirus software

  • Add an exclusion for the Zed Axis executable file found at this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Zed\Axis 15.0\Zed Axis.exe
  • Exclude the Axis settings and mapping files and folders from scans 
    • C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis  (this is location for mapping and settings files)
    • C:\ProgramData\Zed\Axis 15.0 (this is the location for log files) (note the version number will change depending on which version you have)
Please refer to your Antivirus software technical support documentation on how to do that.