Import Other Charge items into QuickBooks desktop

Overview of importing other charge items into QuickBooks Desktop

In QuickBooks desktop other charge items are used to track miscellaneous or other type charges such as delivery fees etc..  With Zed Axis you can import Other Charge Items into QuickBooks desktop from text or Excel files.  

Steps to import other charges

Follow these steps to import:
  1. Open your QuickBooks company file as Administrator and open Zed Axis
  2. Connect Zed Axis to your company file
  3. Browse to the file that contains the Other Charge Items
  4. Set up a new mapping for the columns in your import file and the corresponding fields in QuickBooks
  5. Click Import and your other charge items will be imported directly into QuickBooks company file.

More help?

Below is a detailed description of all the fields that you can import on a discount item and also a template you can use to arrange your import data.

Detailed description of the fields you can map

QuickBooks fieldTypeDescription
NameStr 31Name for the Other Charge item not including Parent
Barcode ValueStr 50Barcode value for the item
Is ActiveBoolWhether the item is active or not (true of false)
Class Ref Full NameStr 159Full class or category name for the item
Parent Ful lNameStrFull name of the parent item if item is sub type
Is Tax IncludedBoolWhether tax is lncluded in the price
Sales Tax Code Full NameStr 3Default sales tax code for the item
Sales Or Purchase DescStr 4095Description used on the sale or purchase of the item
Sales Or Purchase PricePricePrice for the item
Sales Or Purchase Price PercentPercentPercent charge for the item
Sales Or Purchase Account Full NameStr 159Full Name of the Account
Sales And Purchase Sales DescStr 4095Description used when selling the item
Sales And Purchase Sales PricepricePrice for the item when sold
Sales And Purchase Income Account Full NameStr 159Income account for the item
Sales And Purchase Purchase DescStr 4095Purchase description to be used for the item
Sales And Purchase Purchase CostPriceCost of the item when purchased
Sales And Purchase Purchase Tax Code Full NameStr 3Tax code to be used when purchased
Sales And Purchase Expense Account Full NameStr 159Expense account to be used when purchased
Sales And Purchase Pref Vendor Full NameStr 41Name of the preferred vendor when purchasing