Import discount items into QuickBooks

You can import discount items from Excel or text files into QuickBooks desktop using the Zed Axis import utility.
  1. Open your QuickBooks company file as Administrator and open Zed Axis
  2. Connect Zed Axis to your company file
  3. Browse to the file that contains the Discount Items
  4. Set up a new mapping for the columns in your import file and the corresponding fields in QuickBooks
  5. Click Import and your discount items will be imported directly into QuickBooks company file.
Below is a detailed description of all the fields that you can import on a discount item and also a template you can use to arrange your import data.  Sample Discount Item Template

QuickBooks fieldTypeDescription
NameStr 31Name of the discount Item not including the Parent
BarCodeValueStr 50Barcode for the item
IsActiveBoolWhether the item is active or not (true or false)
ClassRefFullNameStr 159Class or category for the item (must match class list)
ParentFullNameStrParent name for the item if the Item is a sub item
ItemDescStr 4095Description for the item used on sales forms
SalesTaxCodeFullNameStr 3Indicates if the item is Taxable (NON or TAX for US editions) Tax code for other countries
DiscountRatePriceDiscount rate in a dollar rate ie 5 for a disocunt of $5
DiscountRatePercentPercentDiscount percentage for the item ie 20 for 20% discount
AccountFullNameStr 159Full Account name for the item to be recorded against ie Cost of Goods Sold

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