Import QuickBooks Pro Timer Activities into QuickBooks


As of the release of QuickBooks 2022 Intuit no longer officially supports the QuickBooks Pro Timer files.  Users of Pro Timer who import Timer Activity (IIF TIMEACT) files into QuickBooks may want to keep using the Pro Timer but are unable to import them due to the withdrawl of the import feature in QuickBooks (File > Utilities > Import > Timer Activities).  If you are looking for a better way to import Pro Timer - Timer Activities (IIF) files into QuickBooks then Zed Axis is able to do that directly into QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks POS

Advantages of using Zed Axis

Specific benefits of using Zed Axis include:
  • Can import Timer Activities into Desktop, Online and POS version of QuickBooks
  • Axis will create missing names for Employees and Service Items.
  • Improved error checking and validations
  • More powerful import features like search and replace, constant values, undo

Steps to import into Timer files into QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the steps below to import:
  1. Connect Zed Axis to your QuickBooks company file
  2. Click on the Import tab and browse to the Timer Activities file (IIF)
  3. Create a map between the fields in the IIF file and QuickBooks (suggested mappings are outlined below)
  4. Click import and your Timer Activities will be imported directly into QuickBooks.

Pro Timer fieldsDescriptionQuickBooks DesktopQuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks POS
DATEThe date the activity was performed TxnDate TxnDate 
JOBThe name of the customer (or job) that the activity was for. If the activity was for a job then enter the full nameCustomerRefCustomerRefName 
EMPThe name of the Employee, Vendor or Other Name that performed the activityEntityName EmployeeVendorRefName  EmployeeLoginName
ITEMThe name of the Service item ie the type of work that was doneServiceItem ItemRefName  
PITEMThe name of the Payroll Item way that the employee should be paidPayrollItem   
DURATIONThe duration of the activity in hours and minutes, should be in the format HH:MMDuration  Duration ClockIn - ClockOut Time
PROJThe Class assigned to the activityClass Department  
NOTEThe Notes made against the activityNotesDescription  
BILLINGSTATUSThe billing status for the activity (0 - the activity is not billable, 1 - the activity is billable and has not already been billed, or 2 - The activity has already been billed)BillableStatus BillableStatus