How to import using ALU or UPC into QuickBooks POS

Using an alternative item identifier when import into QuickBooks POS

When importing transactions into QuickBooks POS the default identifier for the Items is the Item Name field, but you have the option to instead use the ALU (Alternate Lookup) or UPC (Universal Product Code) field to identify the item.

Follow these steps

To use the ALU or UPC lookup feature follow these steps:
  1. First connect to QuickBooks POS
  2. In the Import module click on the More options button
  3. Check the selection for either ALU Lookup or UPC Lookup
  4. In you mapping make sure that you have mapped the field for ALU or UPC to the column in your import file that contains the ALU or UPC code
  5. Start your import and Axis will lookup the items based on the ALU or UPC.
Supported on the following transactions types:

Zed Ref AXIS-416, AXIS-565