How to create an export template

When exporting data from QuickBooks using Zed Axis it is possible to specify the columns that should appear in the export file and preview section, giving you the option to customize export reports to your specific requirements.
To create a export template follow these steps:
  1. Once you run the export and retrieved the data you want to export from QuickBooks, in the Column Chooser sections select the option to Add New Template.
  2. Give the template a name, then check the columns that you would like to appear on the template, and click Save, this will record the column selections you have made so you can retrieve them for subsequent exports or to share with other users.
  3. The grid will now only show the columns that you have specified on the Export Template.
  4. You can also export Templates that you can share with other users to import into there version of Zed Axis.