Import TintPro sales into QuickBooks

If you are using TintPro and you need to import sales into QuickBooks desktop then you can do that using Zed Axis but following the recommended steps below.  This article has been developed in partnership with the team at TintPro.
TintPro export
  • Once connected then click on the Import tab and then Browse to the csv file that contains the TintPro sales receipts that you saved in step 2 and open that, the contents of the file will be displayed in the preview grid in Zed Axis
  • Select the mapping to use from the mapping drop down list.  (you can download a pre-configure map from here and import that into Zed Axis)
  • Finally review your data and then click Import, Axis will validate the data, check to make sure the Customer and Items exist and then import the Sales Receipts directly into your QuickBooks file, at the completion of the import you can review the status of all the transactions.