Import Chart of Account lists into QuickBooks Online

You can import Chart of Accounts lists from text, Excel and IIF files into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis. Whilst this is a built in feature of QuickBooks Online, Zed Axis has some distinct improvements that include:

  • Import Chart of Accounts List for up to five levels deep (ie Account:Sub Account:Sub Account:Sub Account:Sub Account)
  • Import a wider range of fields including
To import using Zed Axis please follow these steps:
  1. Once connect click on the Import module
  2. Open the Excel, text or IIF file that contains the Customer details that you want to import into QuickBooks Online.
  3. Next create a map between the columns in your import file and the corresponding fields in QuickBooks, for more information on the fields refer to the table at the end of this article.
  4. Finally click the Import button and Axis will import the customers and details directly into QuickBooks Online
Chart of Account
QuickBooks Field Format Description
Name str 100  Name of the Account
SubAccount Bool Whether the account is  is a parent (true) or subaccount (false)
ParentRef Ref The Parent of the Account
Description Str 100 Description for the account
FullyQualifiedName Str Mandatory Full name of the Account includes parent and subaccounts ie Expenses:Motor:Fuel
Active Bool Whether or not the account is active ie visible and useable (true or false)
Classification Str The classification for the account, valid values include: Asset, Equity, Expense, Liability, Revenue
AccountType Enum Mandatory Detailed classification that specified the use of the account valid values include: Bank, Other Current Asset, Fixed Asset, Other Asset, Accounts Receivable, Equity, Expense, OtherExpense, CostOfGoodsSold, Account Payable, CreditCard, LongTermLiability, OtherCurrentLiability, Income, OtherIncome
AccountSubType Enum     Account sub-type classification based on AccountType for a full list click here
AcctNum Str Account number for the account (must not contain a colon)
CurrentBalance Decimal Read Only balance
CurrentBalanceWithSubAccounts Decimal Read Only cumulative balance
CurrencyRef CurrencyRef Currency used for this account possible values (ISO codes) ie USD, AUD, GBP, EUR etc...
TaxCodeRef RefType Tax Code used for this account. (non US editions only)

Troubleshooting common errors:

Error - Invalid Enumeration - This error occurs because the value that you have set for the field is not recognized in the enumerated list of values that QuickBooks Online will accept please check the details in the above table for the values that are expected.

Error - The account cannot be made inactive because it has sub accounts - This error occurs because you are trying to mark a Parent Account Inactive when there are active sub accounts please mark the sub account Inactive first

Error - For subaccounts, you must select the same account type as their parent. - This error is because the account type you have specified for the Sub Account is not the same as the account type set on the parent., ie for Sales:Retail both Sales and Retail must have AccountType = Income



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