Import inventory site lists into QuickBooks

You can import Inventory Site list into QuickBooks Enterprise desktop in batch from an Excel or Text file using Zed Axis.  Follow the steps in this article:
  1. Connect Zed Axis to your QuickBooks company file
  2. Click on the import tab and browse to the file that contains the Inventory Site list data that you would like to import
  3. Map the columns in your import file to the corresponding fields in QuickBooks Enterprise
  4. Click import and the inventory site lists will be imported directly into your QuickBooks Enterprise company file
Site Inventory List
QuickBooks Field Format Description
Name str 209  MANDATORY FIELD - The name of the Inventory site or Bin if it is a bin within a site (ie ParentSite is specified)
IsActive   Whether the inventory site is active in QuickBooks
ParentSiteRefFullName str 31 The parent name (ie Site) if Bin is specified at Name, For example if the InventorySiteBin full name is LA Warehouse:Bin-45 then the parent name is LA Warehouse and the Name is Bin-45
Site Desc str 100  The description of the inventory site
Contact str 41 The contact name 
Phone str 21  Phone number
Fax str 21  Fax number
Email str 1023  Email address
SiteAddr1 str 41 Site address see more on importing address
SiteAddr2  str 41  
SiteAddr3  str 41  
SiteAddr4  str 41  
SiteAddr5  str 41  
SitePostalCode  str 13  
SiteCity  str 31  
SiteState  str 21  
SiteCountry  str 31