How to import by SKU into QuickBooks Online

When importing transactions into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis and rather than use the Item Name you wish to use the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) identifier (see below) it is possible to select the import option to SKU lookup.  Zed Axis will then lookup the product or service based on the SKU rather than the Full Item Name.
SKU Lookup
Follow these steps:
  1. In the Axis import module click on the More options button
  2. Check the box for SKU Lookup and click OK
  3. In your mappings map the field called SKU to the column in your import file that contains the SKU identifier
  4. Now when you import your file into QuickBooks Online it will lookup the product or service SKU rather than the name.
SKU Lookup option
Supported in the following transaction types: Sales Receipt, Invoice, Bill, Purchase Order, Cash Purchase, Check Purchase, Credit Card Purchase, Estimate, Vendor Credit and Credit Memo
Zed Ref -  AXIS-486