Import multiple Ship to addresses into QuickBooks

With Zed Axis you can import multiple Ship To addresses into a customer record in QuickBooks (up to a maximum of 50 per customer) from a text or Excel file. You will need your ship to addresses in a flat file with the customers name as it appears in QuickBooks and a column for the name of the ship to address eg. LA Residence.  
Here is a sample of how the ship to addresses import file should be laid out. 
Then using the Customer import type map your data to the Name (Customer Name) and a combination of the fields described below, for more on the mapping options importing address click here 
Add Ship address
QuickBooks fieldFormat Description 
NameStr 41MANDATORY The name of the customer
ShipToNameStr 41MANDATORY Name of the ship to address
ShipToAddr1Str 41The first line of an address block
ShipToAddr2Str 41The second line of an address block 
ShipToAddr3Str 41The third line of an address block 
ShipToAddr4Str 41The fourth line of an address block
ShipToAddr5Str 41The fifth line of an address block
ShipToCityStr 31The City line of an address
ShipToStateStr 21The State line of an address
ShipToPostalCodeStr 13The zip/post code of an address
ShipToCountryStr 31The country of an address
ShipToNoteStr 41A note that may appear at the bottom of an address block

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