How to export data from QuickBooks Online to Sage Handiledger

Before exporting your General Ledger data from QuickBooks Online to Handiledger please check the following items:
  • You have enabled Account Numbers in your QuickBooks Online company file (Company Settings > Advanced > Chart of Accounts and Enable account numbers = On)
  • You have entered account numbers for all of your Accounts and they have an Account Number that matches the equivalent account in Handiledger (ie Sales = 0500)
QBO Account Numbers
If you are an accountant or Intuit Pro Advisor who has clients who use QuickBooks Online and Sage HandiLedger for 
Export your General Ledger data from QuickBooks Online in HandiLedger file format
  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to QBO
  2. User selects the Export tab
  3. User Selects the Reports data type to export and then the report type as General Ledger
  4. Select the date range filter for the period of data you want to extract the data typically that would be the last financial year
  5. Click Get and the data is shown in the preview form
  6. Select the HandiLedger format for saving then saves the text file. 
Import your General Ledger data into Sage HandiLedger
  1. Select Tools and then Import Data from an ASCII File > General
  2. On the Import Entries screen click the File button, and select the file that was exported from QuickBooks Online
  3. If this is the first time you have imported you will need to set the Import Field Mappings to the fields in Handiledger (see the recommend map in the table below), if not you can select Load and the mapping that you previously used.
  4. Click Run to import the data into Handiledger, once complete you will see a summary of the records imported
  5. You can review the imported entries, prior to committing to the client ledger, click Close to post the entries and then Yes
Recommended Map for importing QuickBooks Online General Ledger details into HandiLedger
HandiLedger Field Map Description
Account 5 The equivalent HandiLedger Account Number (4 digit max)
Batch 3 Reference number for the transaction
CreditAmount 12  
Date 1 Date of the transaction
DebitAmount 11  
Description 4 or 6 Description or name of the GL Account
Reference 3  Reference number for the transaction
Tax 10 Tax amount
TaxCode 9 The tax code (translated)
Transaction 3 Transaction type
Type 2 Reference number for the transaction