How to import custom fields on transactions into QuickBooks Online

When importing transactions into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis and you want to import data into custom fields that you have set up on your invoices, sales receipts or estimates you can do that but you need to follow these steps carefully to ensure that your data imports successfully and appears in the correct place.
When mapping your fields you have the option to map to a Custom Field Name and Custom Field Value for up to three fields.
The Field Name identifies to QuickBooks the name or label for the custom field and the Field Value relates to the actual data value that you want to appear on the specific transaction you are importing.   So for example if you want to import a custom field of Yellow into the Color custom field you would set the CustomFieldName1 = Color (typically you would set that as a constant in the mapping) and the CustomFieldValue1 = Yellow (the column that contains the color value).

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