Import products and services lists into QuickBooks Online

You can import product and services lists from text, Excel and IIF files into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis.  The benefits of using Zed Axis over using QuickBooks Online are:
  • Import Products and Services with up to five levels (ie Category:Sub Category:Sub Category:Sub Category:Name)
  • You can update existing products and services in QBO
  • Create Categories (set the Type= Category)
To import a list of products and services into QuickBooks Online please follow these steps;
  1. Open Zed Axis and connect to your QuickBooks Online company file
  2. In the import module open the file that contains the list of products and services you want to import
  3. Create a map between the columns in your import file and the corresponding fields in QuickBooks, for more information about those fields please refer to the table at the end of this article.
QuickBooks FieldFormatDescription
NameStr 100Name of the product or service (must be unique)
DescriptionStr 4000Description of the product or service
ActiveBoolWhether the product or service is enabled (true or false)
FullyQualifiedNameStrMANDATORY - Full name of the product or service (ie Feature:Water:Fountains:Marble fountain 3ft ) more on full name here, lowest level must be unique
TaxableBoolTransactions for this product or service are taxable (US editions only) (true or false)
SalesTaxIncludedBoolWhether sales tax is included in the Unit Price (true or false) (non US editions only)
Unit PriceDecUnit price of the product or service in home currency
Rate PercentpercentRate used for discount (use decimal percent ie 0.3 = 30%)
Type of product or service to create (values Inventory, Service, NonInventory, Category)  depending on type set you must map the following
Inventory you must specify
Service - not tracked as inventory
Category type items should not have a price, income or expense accounts
Income Account RefStrIncome account that records the proceeds when product of service is sold
Purchase DescStr 100Purchase description for the product or service
Purchase Tax IncludedBoolWhether Tax is included in the purchase cost of the product or service (true or false) (non US editions only)
Purchase CostDecCost to purchase the product or service
Expense Account RefStrExpense account used to pay the vendor
Asset Account RefStrInventory Asset account to track the value of products
Track Qty On HandBoolWhether the quantity hand is to be tracked, cannot be changed once true (true or false)
Qty On HandDecQuantity of the product available for sale (only for Inventory types)
Sales Tax Code RefStrSales Tax Code used for the product or service
Purchase Tax Code RefStrPurchase Tax Code used for the product or service
Inv Start DateDateDate of opening balance for the inventory transaction

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