Importing multiple line transactions

If you have a transactions such as Invoices, Sales Receipts or Checks that contain more than one line and you want those to be grouped together on the same transaction when it is imported into QuickBooks it is important to follow these instructions.
To illustrate this in the example below the data contains a column for transaction invoice number and the first transactions with the reference number 1005 has one line and the second with the reference number 1006 has two.
  • Ensure you map the Ref Number field (in some cases such as Time Entries and Deposits it is called Txn ID) to the column in you import file that contains the reference that groups the rows together (by default if you do not map this then Axis treats each row as a separate transaction)
  • If you do not want the reference number to appear on the transaction you can use the Auto-numbering feature and let QuickBooks assign the next sequential reference number but Axis will still group the transaction according to how you have mapped that field.
  • The header details for the transaction will be read from the first line of the data so in the example above the Customer for Invoice 1006 will be read from the first cell of the second data row.