Setup the data mapping

 Before importing the transactions data into QuickBooks you need to select a mapping.  The mapping enables Zed Axis to import the data to the correct fields in QuickBooks.  For example on an invoice your customers name will be imported to the Customer Name field in QuickBooks and so on. You do not need to map all the fields but QuickBooks does require certain manadatory fields to successfully complete an import.  Zed Axis will warn you if you have not mapped those mandatory fields.
  1. Use the drop down menu to select an existing mapping, edit or add a new mapping.
  2. If you are adding a new mapping in the right hand column you will see all the fields in QuickBooks that you can import too and in the right hand column are the columns in your import file.  If you do not have a header column then you will not see these header descriptions.
  3. Select using the drop down list the import data column to match to the corresponding QuickBooks field, when you have finished Save the mapping for subsequent imports.