How to run Zed Axis on Mac OS

If you use Mac OS or Intel powered Macs and would like to use Zed Axis to import transactions in text or Excel files into QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop (Windows) then we can suggest a solution.

  • For those using QuickBooks Online then we have a cloud based version of Zed Axis that will run in your browser you can try out Zed Axis Online 
  • For those using QuickBooks desktop - Whilst we have no short term plans to write a version of Zed Axis for Mac OS we currently support running Zed Axis on Bootcamp, VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac. If you have not used either of these before we recommend that you watch the demonstrations to see what is involved.
  • For those using QuickBooks for Mac - there is no interface provided for QuickBooks for Mac so no third party applications are able to connect with it, and it is are understanding that Intuit have no intention of adding an interface in the foreseable future
Important notes:
  • You will need a copy of Windows, or you can transfer that from an old Windows PC
  • In Axis V11 you no longer need a copy of Excel for Windows installed
  • Axis is not able to open Excel files created on Excel for Mac you will need to save those Excel for Windows, ODS or Text formats