Import employees into QuickBooks Online

Overview of importing employees into QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online an employee is used to record the contact and payroll details of a person working for the company, if you are looking to import contractors then you need to import a vendor list. You can import a list of employees from an Excel file, IIF File, or text file into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis.  

  • If the Payroll module is enabled it is only possible to import the SSN.
  • The Name type fields must not contain a colon (:) or a tab character or your will get and error

Steps to import employees

Please follow these steps:
  1. Open Zed Axis on your desktop and connect to QuickBooks Online
  2. Click on the import tab and open the file that contains the Employees that you would like to import
  3. Create a map for and map the columns in your import file to the matching fields in QuickBooks Online
  4. Click import and the Employees will be imported directly into QuickBooks Online

More help?

Here is sample template of an Employee list. Excel Employee template

Fields that you can import

The following is a description of the fields that you can map and import into QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks OnlineTypeDescription
Employee NumberDateId for the Employee, use if you are modifying
OrganizationBooltrue or false - Whether the entity represents and organisation or individual
Title Title of the employee
Given NameStr 25Mandatory, Given name of first name of the employee
Middle NameStr 25Middle name of the employee
Family NameStr 25Mandatory, family name of the employee
SuffixStr 10Suffix of the name ie MD, Sr or Jr
Display NameStr 100Must be unique - name of the employee as displayed
Print On Check NameStr 100Employee name as printed on checks
ActiveBooltrue or false, whether currently enable in QuickBooks
Primary Phone Primary Phone number
Mobile Mobile phone number
Primary Email Addr Primary email address
Primary Addr Line 1 Physical Address Line see more on importing address into QuickBooks
Primary Addr Line 2  
Primary Addr Line3  
Primary Addr City  
Primary Addr Country  
Primary Addr Sub  Division Code  
Primary Addr Postal Code  
Primary Addr Note  
Primary Addr Line4  
Primary Addr Line5  
Primary Addr Lat  
Primary Addr Long  
SSNStr100Social security number of the employee, unable to change if Payroll enabled
Billable TimeBooltrue or false, currently enable for use in QuickBooks
Bill RateBigDecOnly set if above true, rate used for billing
Birth DatedateBirth date of the employee
GenderenumMale or Female
Hired DateDateHire date of the employee
Released DateDateRelease date of the employee