How to import multi currency transactions into QuickBooks Online

If you are using QuickBooks Online (QBO) and need to import multi currency transactions (ie currencies that are not your home currency) then you can do that with Zed Axis.  
When importing it is important to make sure that you have the following items set:
  • Ensure that the multi currency feature is enabled in your QBO Company File, you can find that in QBO under Account and Settings > Advanced > Currency
When importing multi currency transactions please check the following:
  • That the Customer record in QuickBooks Online that you are importing the transaction to is set to receive payments in the currency you are importing.
  • That you map the field for Currency Ref that would be the three letter abbreviation for the currency ie (EUR, USD, CAD, AUD)
  • That you set the Exchange Rate that you would like to use for the transaction, this is the number of units of the home currency it takes to equal the foreign currency unit.  
  • If you do not map the Exchange Rate then the Currency Exchange Rate will come from the Exchange Rate list in QuickBooks for the date that the transaction was posted, however if QuickBooks does not have an exchange rate for that date or the date is not mapped on the transaction then QuickBooks Online will default to an exchange rate of 1.