Import checks into QuickBooks Online

You can import checks held in text, Excel or IIF files directly into QuickBooks Online using Zed Axis.
Import Checks into QuickBooks Online

CheckPurchases.txt Sample Template
Here are the principle fields you can choose to map.
QuickBooks Online FieldFormatDescription
DocNumberStr 21MANDATORY FIELD - Check reference number, duplicate DocNumbers are accepted in QuickBooks, see also Auto Numbering
Txn DatedateThe date of the check, If you leave TxnDate out the mapping, the current date in QuickBooks Online will be used.
PrivateNoteStr 4000User entered, organization-private note about the transaction. This note will not appear on the transaction records by default. Maps to memo field on check
Department RefStrThe name of the department or location, must match the full name location list held in QuickBooks Online
Currency RefCurrency typeThe name of the currency used on the check, ie USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, GBP - default is the home currency, only if Multicurrency is on
Exchange RateDecimalThe number of home currency units equal to one unit of the Currency specified
Line DescriptionStr 4000Description for the item purchased
Line AmountNum 10.5MANDATORY FIELD (if Item purchase) - The Amount of the line item ie Qty x Unit Price
Line Item RefStrMANDATORY FIELD (if Item purchase) Full Name of the item purchased
Line Class RefStrFull Class Name associated with the item purchased
Line Item QtyDecimalNumber of items purchased
Line Item Unit PriceDecimalPrice of the item purchased
Line Item Tax CodeStrTax code associated with the item purchased
Line Customer RefStrCustomer associated with the item purchased
Line Billable StatusEnumBillable status of the item purchased values Billable, NotBillable,HasBeenBilled
Line Account DescriptionStr 4000Description for the Expense Account
Line Account AmountNum 10.5MANDATORY FIELD (if Account purchase) - The Amount of the expense purchase
Line Account CustomerStrCustomer associated with the expense
Line Account ClassStrClass for the expense
Line Account RefStrMANDATORY FIELD (if Account purchase) Expense account (should be the full name not including the number and should match what is in QuickBooks Online)
Line Account Billable StatusEnumBillable status of the expense values Billable, NotBillable, HasBeenBilled
Line Account TaxCode RefStrTax Code associated with the purchase
Account Ref The bank account the check purchase is made from
Entity TypeEnumMANDATORY FIELD - Type of Payee (values Customer, Vendor orEmployee)
Entity RefStrMANDATORY FIELD - Full name of the payee (Vendor, Employee etc..)
Print Status Whether you need to print or not (value NeedToPrint) only valid for Check
Global Tax Calculation Method to which tax is applied - TaxExcluded, TaxInclusive or NotApplicable only applicable for Non-US company files


By Steve Batten



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